Why The Springtime Servicing Of Your Air Conditioner Can Save You Big Bucks

The South Texas summer heat is no joke. Can you imagine your air conditioner failing on a triple digit day? The best way to ward off really sweaty days and nights is to have your air conditioner serviced in the spring.

Why Should I Do Preventative Maintenance?

There are a few reasons why preventative maintenance is helpful.

  1. It can slow the aging of your system by giving common trouble areas a little love.
  2. You stay in the loop on the health of your system. Air conditioning repair or replacement can be pricey. If a tech sees something that may be a future problem, you can start saving or thinking about how you want to address it.
  3. It helps establish a relationship with a service provider. A check-up like this is a great opportunity to see if you like a company, if you feel they’re honest and if you’d want to call them again. Companies may also give priority service, scheduling, or price breaks to repeat customers, so establishing a relationship may give you a gold star in their books for when you need future help.
  4. You might get a deal. Before the peak summer heat when an A/C company will get really busy, they might offer service specials for preventative maintenance at a discounted price. For instance, we recommend flushing your drain lines once a year. You’ll get the best deal if you do that as part of our spring maintenance special than if you wait to address it later in the year. By being proactive, you can save money.

What Happens During an Annual A/C Service Check?

Check of Electrical Components: We make sure everything is working as it’s supposed to. If a part is getting weak or may be about to fail, we can give you a heads up or help you proactively make repairs.

Flush the Drain Line: As water condenses on the cooling coils of your air conditioner, the drain line allows that water and humidity to escape. Because it’s always sweating, water, algae, or bugs can lead to build-up that can clog the drain line. If your drain line backs up, it can cause water damage to your home. We help your drain line stay clean by flushing it with a combination of water and compressed nitrogen.

Wash the Outdoor Coil: Most outdoor air conditioning units sit outside at ground level and draw air in. It can be easy for dirt, leaves, or trash from your yard to sneak inside and clog things. Washing the coil can clear out debris and slow damage.

Check Refrigerant Level: A lower level could be a warning sign that a bigger problem could be on the horizon. By knowing, you can prepare and plan for how you’d like to address if an when an issue occurs.

Take Advantage of our $78 Cooling Special

We’re offering spring air conditioning check ups for as low as $78.00 through July 31. Give us a call at 210-658-0111 or fill out a form to request an appointment.


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