What You Should Know Before Getting a New HVAC Unit

Not much can send a carefree summer day grinding to a halt like a problem with your A/C unit. Whether your unit is refusing to cool, you discover a repair will cost more than half of a new system, or your energy bills keep increasing, it may be time to replace it. Below we go over some of the most frequent questions our customers have before buying their next A/C unit.

What Size Do I Need?

It’s important to choose an A/C unit that’s the right size for your home. Your estimator can discuss your options in depth and find the best solution for your needs. Purchasing an A/C unit that’s bigger than you need can lead to high humidity levels inside the home, leading to decreased comfort control and increasing the risk of moisture-related damage over time. 

If you have a newer home, your current HVAC system may be slightly undersized due to current energy codes that demand high efficiency. This means that if this is the first time you’ve replaced an A/C unit, you may be able to increase the size of the unit slightly to provide greater cooling power. If you’re considering this option, talk to your HVAC service company about whether your current ductwork will accommodate a larger unit. 

For homes that are in between sizes, or homeowners who aren’t sure whether you’d like to upsize your system, multistage systems can offer a solution. These systems have greater capacity than smaller systems while maintaining the ability to remove moisture from the air on mild days.

Will the New System Fit in the Original Spot?

In most cases, yes. The estimator will take measurements to confirm that the new A/C unit will fit. And, with the exception of outdoor HVAC units, most HVAC equipment has gotten smaller over time—it’s rare to have a situation in which your new unit won’t fit.

What New Advancements Should I Consider?

Multistage cooling systems, discussed above, represent one of the biggest A/C advancements over the last couple of decades. These units can run at a variety of speeds and settings based on outdoor weather conditions and the temperature inside your home. On hot, humid days, a multistage A/C unit may run at full speed; on a cooler day, it will run at a lower speed to provide consistent comfort.

What Type or Brand of A/C Unit Should I Purchase?

There are a number of popular A/C unit manufacturers. However, most HVAC companies deal in just a couple of brands. You’ll generally want to work within the HVAC technician’s comfort zone. If you’d prefer to purchase an A/C unit from a specific manufacturer, you can usually find a local dealer on the manufacturer’s website.

What Should I Know About the Installation Process?

Your unit should take about a day to install. Typically you’ll get a warranty that covers parts when you purchase a new unit—however, most warranties don’t cover labor or installation costs. We recommend purchasing a separate warranty that covers labor to provide peace of mind. Once your new unit is installed, the company that installed it should dispose of the old one.

How Should I Maintain My New A/C Unit?

Scheduling regular maintenance will help you get the most out of your new purchase. Changing your air filters monthly can help your system work efficiently at all times, while annual inspections can help catch any bigger problems, like leaks.

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