Vents and Ducts and Registers, Oh My!

With so many parts that make up your HVAC system, many customers, and even some HVAC technicians, are unaware of the differences between certain HVAC components. Below, we define what vents, ducts, and registers are and explain what services North East Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing offers for these commonly confused components.

How Well Do You Know Your HVAC System?

Vents and Ventilation

The broad term that is commonly confused and used to describe all three components is “vents”. Ventilation refers to the systems that remove air and gasses from a building and replace it with fresh air. Vents are simply openings that allow air to be moved in or out of the space. 

How North East can help

Proper ventilation is critical in newer homes with a tight build. North East can analyze problems with ventilation systems and provide recommendations to ensure your system is running properly. To help maintain proper ventilation, North East can clean the dryer vents of our residential customers and can also maintain, repair and replace ventilation systems in residential and commercial applications.


Ducts, or ductwork, refers to the extensive path of tubes or chambers that run in the attic, under floors and inside wall cavities to bring the air to the air conditioning equipment and then deliver conditioned air to the various rooms of the house.  There are two types of ducts:

  • Supply: ducts that move conditioned air into the room. 
  • Return: ducts that move air from the conditioned space back to the HVAC equipment.

How North East can help

Aside from repairing and replacing the ductwork in your attic or under your house, North East can also repair and replace ducting from bathroom exhaust fans in residential spaces. This can be important as mold can grow when there is too much humidity in and around the bathroom.

North East can also help with the design, installation, repair or replacement of any type of ventilation, supply, or return ducting in commercial applications.  Often a building will be repurposed and the HVAC equipment is sufficient for the building, but the ductwork needs to be reconfigured.


Registers are the grilles that you may find on your ceiling, wall, or floor. These are the points where the HVAC duct ends and where air from the furnace or air conditioner is dispersed into a room. 

How North East can help

If your register is damaged or dirty, consider replacing it with a high-quality one. North East’s models are more durable than the ones you’ll find at a hardware store and we’d be happy to install it for you.


North East is eager to ensure you feel educated when the time comes to make decisions on these commonly confused HVAC components. Whether it be your vent, duct, register, or something else, contact us today about HVAC maintenance and repair. 

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