Plumbing and HVAC Trends to Watch for in 2024

As we step into the future, advancements in technology are reshaping many aspects of our lives, and plumbing and HVAC systems are no exception. Homeowners are increasingly turning to smart and eco-friendly solutions to enhance their living spaces. In the midst of it all, you may find yourself asking what’s right for your home. To help you decide, we’re diving into the advancements that have made their presence increasingly known in recent years and are set to gain even more momentum in 2024.

Low Flow Toilets: Sustainable Water Management

With the demand for water-efficient appliances on the rise, your toilet is a great place to save water. Low flow toilets, designed to minimize water consumption per flush, not only contribute to environmental conservation but also translate into lower water bills. As technology advances, low flow toilets are expected to become standard fixtures in modern households.

Tankless Water Heaters: On-Demand Heating

The popularity of tankless water heaters continues to soar as homeowners seek energy-efficient alternatives with longer lifespans over traditional water heating systems. Tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water, eliminating the need for a storage tank, meaning they also take up less space. Though tankless water heaters are a great alternative, it’s important to remember they have a high upfront cost and can degrade quickly if you have untreated hard water, which plagues San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification: Clean and Pure Water

In 2024, as clean water continues to be a top priority for homeowners, you may hear many praises sung over reverse osmosis water purification systems, a point-of-use water purification option known to deliver the most purified water of any filtration method. As health-conscious consumers look for ways to enhance the quality of their drinking water, these systems are becoming a popular addition to modern kitchens. However, water waste and space requirements should be considered when thinking of installing a reverse osmosis system. You should also keep in mind that it is not the only type of water treatment or even water purification option available. We recommend reaching out to your plumbing professional for a water test and assessment to find out what water treatment might best suit your home’s needs.

Increased Adoption of Heat Pumps: Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions

Homeowners are increasingly turning to heat pumps for their heating and cooling needs. This trend is driven by a desire for energy-efficient and versatile HVAC solutions. But while heat pumps, in the right conditions, can do the job of both an air conditioner and a heater, the type of furnace you have will ultimately help you decide if it’s right for you. If you live in a home with a natural gas furnace, the electricity required by a heat pump’s furnace would be more expensive than running your natural gas furnace, meaning it would ultimately be better not to install a heat pump. However, if your home already uses a heat pump that needs replacing or runs on an electric furnace, a heat pump may be the most cost-effective option.

Remote Monitoring: Leak Detection and Smart Shut-Off Valves

Remote monitoring systems are becoming a high topic of discussion in the plumbing world, providing homeowners with convenient control and peace of mind. Leak detection devices coupled with smart shut-off valves enable homeowners to identify and address potential water leaks from anywhere with a wireless connection. This technology is still maturing; smart shut-off valves, unable to distinguish the difference between high moisture levels inside the home and an actual leak, have been reported to falsely trigger, which can lead to a disruption in your water supply. These devices can also be costly, but by quickly detecting water leaks, they can save you money on potential damages and help you avoid the hassle of repairs. 

Embracing the Future with Professional Support

While these trends represent the forefront of plumbing and HVAC innovation, it’s important to consider your options and remember that, ultimately, the final decision on what’s best for your home is yours to make. Our team at North East Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing is here to help you navigate these decisions and correctly install these advanced systems. Whether it’s assessing your water purification needs, installing a tankless water heater, or optimizing remote monitoring tools, our professionals have the expertise to perform a seamless and effective integration. Give us a call at (210) 658-0111 or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer or schedule an appointment.


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