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Listing Your Home? Make Sure Your Plumbing Isn’t Hurting Your Resale Value

San Antonio homebuyers love kitchens and baths, especially ones that have been well-maintained and offer all the bells and whistles. If your home’s plumbing is old and creaky, you won’t be fielding many offers at your open house. Here’s what we suggest to make your home’s plumbing irresistible to buyers.

Update Old Fixtures and Faucets

If your home still sports the same faucets that were installed in 1950, it’s time for an upgrade. Choose a middle-of-the-road price point for faucets and fixtures to impress new buyers without breaking your own budget, and don’t sway too far on either side of eclectic. Consider adding a pot-filler or pull-down faucet to your kitchen to make buyers swoon. And a rainfall shower head is always a plus.

Call Your Plumber

Even if everything seems fine and dandy, it’s a good idea to call in a plumber for an inspection before listing your home for sale. Your plumber can spot problems that you may not notice, such as a slow water pipe leak inside a wall or a water heater that’s outlived its time. Taking care of these issues before you put your home up for sale in San Antonio helps ensure you can list at a higher price point.

Have Your Septic Tank Flushed and Cleaned

If you have a septic tank (rather than city water and sewage service), you can add this perk to your home service record to show prospective buyers, and they’ll again have less to worry about if they choose to purchase your home. It typically costs a few hundred dollars to have your septic tank pumped in San Antonio, but doing so helps assure prospective buyers that you’re on top of your home’s maintenance.

Consider Upgrading Your Irrigation System

Do you have a sprinkler system to keep your grass green during dry summers? If so, consider upgrading to a smart irrigation system. A smart irrigation system is high on energy efficiency and doesn’t cost that much to install. It can do marvelous things, such as adjust watering schedules based on weather or water content in the soil. In the process, it can use up to 50 percent less water than a traditional system. Buyers love these sorts of stats.

Don’t Forget About Permits

Any major work on your home involving plumbing—kitchen and bathroom remodels, for example—will need a permit.  Most realtors and property inspectors will instruct potential buyers to ask for permits for major projects like that, sometimes even going back several years. If the work was done recently you could get in trouble with city officials if no permit was obtained in advance. Providing copies of permits shows that you are forthcoming as a seller and helps buyers trust the home is in good condition.

When you’re ready to list your home on the market, call North East Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing in San Antonio for your residential plumbing needs. We’ll get your home updated and ready to sell in no time. Our friendly and experienced service personnel will find any weaknesses in your home plumbing systems, and we’ll provide fast, affordable solutions. Call today!


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