Is a Commercial Service Contract a Good Idea for My Business?

Imagine this: it’s August in San Antonio, and you’ve got an important day of business ahead of you. Just as things start humming along, you notice a lack of humming coming from your commercial HVAC equipment. The suffocating South Central Texas heat starts to seep into your office while customers and employees leave in search of cooler air.

It happens. Things break. And while there’s nothing that will guarantee you won’t experience an occasional unexpected issue with your building’s HVAC system, contracting with a reputable firm to perform routine checks and service on your system can make a difference in not only your system’s up-time, but on it’s lifespan as well.

What are the benefits of a Service Contract?

We’ve identified five benefits that businesses who take advantage of service contracts have reported over the years.

#1: Reduce Breakdown Risk
A routine expert inspection means finding and fixing potential problems before they become larger, more expensive issues. A breakdown or similarly critical failure is costly and may even require system replacement, which affects your bottom line. Regular inspection by a technician dramatically reduces risk of equipment failure while increasing your customers’ and employees’ level of comfort.

#2: Lower Your Energy Bills
Well-maintained HVAC systems operate more efficiently, keeping your office comfortable and generating immediate cost savings. We’ve all been shocked by exorbitant heating or cooling bills during winter or summer, and a monthly service contract may pay for itself through optimizing your system!

#3: Increase the Lifespan of Your Equipment
As with a vehicle, regular maintenance of an HVAC system helps avoid the need for premature replacement. Many of us are able to identify when something “seems off” in our vehicle, but you may not have the same familiarity with your HVAC system. An expert can help ensure your investment lasts as long as possible.

#4: Prevent Lost Revenue and Wages
Reduced breakdown risk means avoiding lost revenue from unexpected closure. Customers may not appreciate being surprised by a sign on the door that says “Closed due to A/C Outage”, affecting your revenues and your reputation. If your business depends on customer visits or requires that employees work in the office, a Service Agreement is a small and smart investment in helping to prevent this scenario.

#5: Priority Service When You Need It
If your system requires attention, you’ll have—only a phone call away—a trusted professional who knows you and your business. You’ll have priority access to a dedicated service professional who is familiar with the unique configuration of whatever systems you have in place. Service contracts help ensure prompt attention and resolution.

Unexpected breakdowns happen more often than we’d like, causing more than just discomfort. HVAC issues can be expensive, disruptive, and most importantly: prevented. Regular maintenance through routine service greatly reduces your risk of an emergency, and is a small investment to make given the extreme temperatures of San Antonio, Converse, Schertz, Universal City, and surrounding areas in South Texas.

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