How to Save Big with Commercial HVAC Tax Rebates and Credits in San Antonio

Property managers know that maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures for employees and customers is a big expense. However, San Antonio businesses have an opportunity to save with incentives on commercial HVAC with tax rebates and credits to replace and upgrade your systems. These incentives not only help ease the financial burden of replacing your outdated systems, but by doing so you could save thousands in energy costs each year.

Commercial Solutions Program Overview

The Commercial Solutions program is offered through CPS Energy. To be eligible, you must be a current commercial or industrial electric customer in and around San Antonio, Texas within CPS Energy service area. Here is an overview of the application process, HVAC incentives, the express building tune-up and the high performance A/C tune-up for your commercial property or business.

The Application Process

  1. You must enroll your organization in the program by signing a Letter of Intent.
  2. A pre-installation inspection is scheduled and conducted to evaluate all your current equipment.
  3. You will receive a recommended projects report that details estimates and incentive totals.
  4. Your contractor will come to complete the projects you decided should be performed.
  5. A post-installation inspection will be performed to document all new equipment.
  6. Check your mail! You will receive your incentive check.

How much are the HVAC incentives?

The incentives could pay up to 75% of the total project cost.

HVAC – Chiller $525-$/kW
HVAC – DX (Direct Expansion Air Conditioning) Units or Controls $350-$/kW
Custom/Other – $200-$/kW

What may I use my HVAC incentive on?

  • Variable frequency drives – VFDs are used to adjust the speed of a HVAC fan or pump motor. So, installing VFDs will not only lower maintenance cost, prolong your equipment’s life, but also saves energy.
  • Chillers – Chillers are either air, water, or an evaporative condensed chiller. Upgrading an old, oversized chiller with a new energy-efficient model will help reduce future repairs – plus, lower your energy cost.
  • Whole building optimization – Keeping your major energy-consuming equipment fine-tuned will not only save energy, reduce needs for repairs but also help keeps everyone inside comfortable.
    New Constructions – Rebates and incentives are offered for new constructions as well.

Express Building Tune-Up

The average commercial building wastes thirty percent of the energy it consumes according to The Express Building Tune-Up Program offers incentives and services that will help you find the optimal energy performance for your building to help you use less energy and reduce waste.

Not only will the program cover 100% of the cost to perform the building optimization study – but also, provide incentives based on the results of energy savings ($200 per kW and $0.05 per kWh) up to 100% of the total cost of the project.

To get started, contact a Technical Service Provider to do the free on-site screening to identify the energy-saving possibilities. This screening provided all potential savings, incentives and payback calculations. Then you will work with your qualified Technical Service Provider to implement the enhancements selected.

High-Performance A/C Tune-Up

To be eligible for the High-Performance A/C Tune-Up program you must be a CPS Commercial Energy customer, with a DX or heat pump system. The systems must be at least one-year-old and hasn’t received a tune up within the past five years. After eligibility is determined then a completed tune-up will help identify areas in your heating and cooling systems that waste energy. You will save money instantly on your final invoice from the discount that’s applied. The instant discount applied to the final invoice depends on the size of your system.

Under 5 tons – $175
5-9 tons – $200
10-14 tons – $250
15-19 tons – $350
20-25 tons – $500
26-30 tons – $600
31-50 tons – $900
51-80 tons – $1,500
Over 80 tons – $1,800

The savings and benefits don’t stop there. By tuning up your HVAC equipment you will have a more efficient system that may help you control humidity, lower cost and help extend the life of your A/C units.


By taking advantage of these incentive and rebate programs offered through CPS Energy, you can lower your energy bills, reduce wasted energy, extend the life of your HVAC units and breathe easier with cleaner air. If you plan to sign up, click here to find out more information and how to apply.

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