Down the Drain Dont’s

North East Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing has written many articles addressing common clog-causing items. However, there are a few outliers we’ve never touched on that can also create a blockage. Below, we identify these additional items and explain how to dispose of them properly.

Produce Stickers and Bandages

Produce stickers and loose bandages can quickly slip down your drain and adhere to filters in your plumbing system. By removing these adhesive items before washing, you can prevent these items from building up in your pipes.


Some believe that prophylactics, or condoms, can be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet. However, prophylactics are made of latex or polyurethane and are not water-soluble. This item was designed to prevent fluids from passing through and can easily clog your pipes. By throwing them away in the trash, you can prevent condoms from causing any plumbing problems…and prevent a potentially awkward conversation with your plumber.

Oil-based Paints

Aside from the negative environmental impact it can have on the water supply, when oil-based paint makes it down the drain it can line your pipes and cause a buildup, thus blocking the flow of water. Check your local regulations to see how to dispose of this paint, whether this means letting it dry out or disposing of it at a hazardous waste facility.


Fortunately, knowing what causes clogs can help you avoid the headache that can come with this plumbing problem. In the event you do have a clogged pipe, whether it’s caused by one of the above outliers or a more common item, try using an auger or plunger. If you’re still having trouble, call North East for help!

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash


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