Does Your Home Need a Water Test?

Do you know what’s in your home’s water? A water test can reveal the presence of any contaminants in your water, indicate whether your water treatment system is in good working condition, and in some cases, even increase the resale value of your home. Below, we discuss what this water test includes, which households can benefit from it, and what to expect from the results.

What is a Water Test?

A home water test is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to check the quality of your home’s water. These tests can measure for chlorine, hardness, and other contaminants that can impact taste and odor, providing you with data on how safe your home’s water is. These test kits are available at hardware stores, pet supply stores (in the fish tank section), and pool supply stores. The test takes just a few minutes, and the results are instant!

Although most water tests cover just chlorine and minerals, additional test components may be available. And, unless you have a well, it’s not necessary to test for fluoride as it’s no secret that fluoride is in the public water supply of San Antonio. However, our team at North East Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing can install a filter to specifically remove this element if you’d prefer.

Who Needs a Water Test?

The primary purpose of testing your home’s water is to ensure your existing water treatment equipment is doing its job—or to assess your need for a water treatment system.

If you’ve noticed a change in the smell or taste of your home’s water recently, a water test can be a quick way to narrow the potential causes. And if you have a water treatment system and your test reveals a high level of hardness or chlorine, this can be the first red flag that your system isn’t working as intended. 

Even if your home doesn’t have a water treatment system, plumbing your home to add a system can provide you with clean, treated want and even increase resale value. Many newer homes come pre-plumbed for water treatment components, while older homes can be retrofitted to add a water treatment system. And while the aquifer does a great job filtering Texas water through limestone, this process still allows chemicals and pharmaceuticals to make their way through—a water treatment system will ensure that your water is as healthy and pure as possible.

Contact North East for Your Water Treatment Needs

Although water testing is an easy thing for homeowners to DIY, at North East Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, this testing is included in both our Complete Plumbing and Softener Maintenance water treatment contracts. If your water test reveals the quality of your home’s water could be improved, give us a call or visit our website today to discuss your options.

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