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Commercial HVAC Maintenance: A Primer

The extreme, single-digit temperatures we recently experienced in San Antonio amplify the importance of a functional HVAC system for keeping your workplace comfortable. And while regular maintenance helps ensure your HVAC system functions when you most need it, business owners have more than enough to do without having to worry about heating or cooling. If you’re not an HVAC expert, moreover, you likely don’t know what maintenance should be performed in the first place. You could swap out a filter and hope for the best, but failure to implement a more comprehensive program will inevitably lead to expensive problems when your system bites the dust. Unfortunately, this is most likely to occur under the least convenient circumstances, whether during a single-digit cold spell or a triple-digit heatwave. Here is a commercial HVAC Maintenance primer to use.

In this article, we’ll cover what it takes to keep a system up and running all year round. And because we think you’ll likely need some help, we’ll give you some tips for finding and hiring the right HVAC professionals with whom to partner.

What Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Include?

What should a preventative maintenance program include? While we’re simplifying things here, these basic lists serve as a good starting point.

Spring and Summer Maintenance Task Checklist

  • Replace Filters
  • Check for the presence of pests, nests, or any other debris that shouldn’t be there.
  • Clear drain lines and pans.
  • Clean condenser coils.
  • Check evaporator coils.
  • Check the operation of the fan and blower motor.
  • Check the operation of thermostats and other controls.
  • Check for adequate airflow.
  • Confirm the good condition of belts and pulleys.
  • Check refrigerant level. If low, also check for leaks.
  • Confirm the good condition of electrical connections.
  • Lubricate bearings and moving parts where needed.

Fall & Winter Maintenance Task Checklist

  • Replace filters.
  • Inspect the heat exchanger.
  • Check thermostats and all controls.
  • Inspect the ignition and burner assembly.
  • Check safety switches and shutoffs.
  • Check the fan and blower motor and adjust if needed.
  • Check electrical connections.
  • Inspect belts and pulleys.

Why Professional HVAC Maintenance is Important

Any business or organization with a commercial HVAC system should have a maintenance and repair team to keep the workplace safe and comfortable. Commercial HVAC systems are different from their residential counterparts. For most businesses, the HVAC work is outsourced because hiring just one qualified, full-time maintenance person alone would be a costly decision. Hiring a qualified commercial HVAC company might sound expensive, but it’s cheaper in the long run, and a firm’s capabilities will exceed those of a single individual every time.

Choose an HVAC Service Provider You Can Trust

Choosing the right HVAC commercial building maintenance team may be tricky if you aren’t sure what preventative maintenance includes. Now that you know, how do you find the right company? An inspector should come out to check your equipment and its condition before going over a preventative maintenance contract. The first red flag will be if a qualified professional isn’t asking questions or answering questions about what they offer. Use these questions as part of a discussion to vet at least a couple of different prospective providers.

  • What are your health and safety protocols?
  • How long do maintenance visits take, and how frequently are they scheduled?
  • Do you review the results of a maintenance visit with me after you are done?
  • Will you ask me before replacing parts deemed problematic?
  • Are any parts replacements included in the price of the maintenance contract?
  • Can my system’s current performance level be improved?
  • What happens in the event of an HVAC emergency or system breakdown?

Look for reviews on places like Google and Angie’s List to get some basic ideas of how an HVAC company cares for its customers.

At North East Air Conditioning and Plumbing, we’ve helped San Antonio businesses and organizations in a number of industries:

  • Professional Offices
  • Retail
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Plants and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Theme Parks

Find the Best HVAC Service Provider in Greater San Antonio

If you are looking for commercial HVAC maintenance and services, we can help! Connect with our team to get an idea of what our maintenance schedule looks like and how we might help your system last longer and operate more efficiently. Our HVAC commercial building maintenance team will make sure you stay on track throughout the year.

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