5 Tips for Buying a New A/C Unit

Like any large home project, purchasing a new air conditioning unit can be stressful. But with any large undertaking, education and preparation are key. Just like any large financial investment, it’s always best to begin planning for large purchases in advance. Rather than wait until your air conditioning unit goes kaput, begin researching new air conditioning contractors at the first sign of system failure.

Here are our five pro tips to help you select the best A/C unit for your home and get the most bang for your buck.

1. Determine If You Need a New A/C System

The first sign that you should begin searching for a new a/c unit is age. If your unit is over 10 years old, it may be time to begin shopping around. Another sign that you may need a new A/C system is that you recently had numerous repairs on your system. If your A/C contractor is becoming your new best friend, it may be time for you to begin shopping around for a new unit.

2. Shop In the Off-Season

Every industry has a slow season, and during the lull, customers typically get a better deal. For air conditioning companies in Texas, the off-season is typically when there is mild weather or it’s cold outside. That’s a good time to shop because the prices will be more competitive. Even if you decide to hold off on purchasing until the following summer, you have a better sense of a price point and better leverage as a customer. While in-season rates may increase during the peak time of the year, the summer price should be within the same range with only a slight increase in price provided during the offseason.

3. Talk to a Professional

Once you have determined that you may need a new A/C system,  ask for a quote from a reputable HVAC company. A replacement quote is usually free; just call your A/C contractor and ask them to come out and assess your needs.

In some instances, the recommendation may be to purchase a new unit immediately. In other cases, the recommendations may be to hold on purchasing a new unit for a little while longer.  If your A/C unit still has life in it, hang on to your quote. When you do decide it’s time to make a purchase or your unit eventually stops working, provide your contractor with the original quote you were provided. This helps to give them a point of reference and expedites the process..

4. Get Three (3) Different Quotes

When you are considering hiring a contractor for a home project, we always recommend getting multiple bids. There are always different ways to approach a project, and by having all of the options laid out for you, you are positioned to make the best choice for your needs.

We recommend getting three quotes. Three is the magic number for a couple of reasons:

A. It allows you to get a sense of what the low, middle, and high price points are.

B. If you come back with three price points that are similar, you know that the pricing is accurate for your solution.

C. There are different ways to approach an A/C problem. By having three different companies provide assessments, it allows you to determine what you actually need. If all three recommendations are similar, you know that the solutions provided will solve your problem.

5. Check Contractor References

Once you make your selection, check the contractor’s references with review platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, Angie’s List or Facebook. Also, verify that they are licensed.

If you think it’s time to begin shopping for a new air conditioning unit, contact North East Air Conditioning and ask for a new A/C replacement quote!


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